Friday, December 06, 2019

Guitar Shack Consignment Page

Calgary's last all musical instrument consignment shop.Guitar Shack's current inventory of consignment stringed instruments, amps, pedals and more.
For more information on a specific piece, give us a call at 403-255-5543 or email us at
Visit us at our new location: 5340 1A St. SW, 2nd floor, Calgary, AB.

Fender 1964 Mustang:$1695.00
Partial re-fin and modified at pickup cavities.  Most hardware appears original, pots have been changed over the years.  No case.

Fender Jaguar '65 Reissue, USA, AVRI series, 2013 with original case and tags:$2999.00

 Fender Old Growth Tele, 2011 LTD series with Callaham bridge upgrade:$2999.00
Comes with original case, bridge, cert. and tags

 Ibanez SDGR 4 string bass with gig bag:$550.00

 Takamine EG360SC with factory electronics and hardshell case:$650.00


 Taylor GCE 12 fret with original case:$3899.00

Gretsch White Falcon with original case, 2013:$3999.00

Gretsch 1962 G6119 Tennessean with case:$3850.00

Gibson Custom Shop Non-reverse Frost Blue Firebird with original case:$CALL

Gibson Gary Moore signature model, with original case:$2295.00

Gibson Les Paul with E-Tune system, original case:$1075.00

Tony Chochrane Arkanacaster Guitar, USA Made, with case:$2595.00

Hofner Clubman Bass with violin finish, hardshell case:$1825.00

Traben Phoenix 5 String Bass with gig bag:$725.00

Martin DCPA-1 with original case:6999.00
2012 LTD run, Madagascar back and sides, Adirondack top, factory electronics.
Pics coming soon

Taylor GS-BTO Grand Symphony with original case:$9999.00

Taylor 914ce 2011 with case:$4999.00

Gibson Custom Shop J-185 with LR Baggs pickup and original case:$Call

Gibson Southern Jumbo Sheryl Crow with case.  Belongs to country artist George Canyon:$Call

Fender Jazz Bass, 1962 with case:$CALL

Martin D-18 SS, (short scale) with case:$3350.00

Martin Custom Shop D-45, 2013, with original case:$CALL

Vega Style N 1927 Banjo with case:$695.00

Twisted Wood Weissonborn with gig bag:$750.00

Taylor 616ce with case:$3500.00

Fender F70 1960's with case:$2100.00

Gibson A Style Mando 1918.  Converted to lefty, can be converted back is desired.  With gig bag:$1999.00

Fender Roger Schmidt Artist mandolin:525.00

Goldtone GM-70 mandolin with case:$675.00

Eastman MD305 Mandolin with case:$525.00 

Eastman MD315 with case and upgraded Allen tailpiece$799.00 

Fender Duo-Sonic guitar with Lace pickups, bridge and tuning machines upgraded:$850.00

Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck, 1997, with case:$CALL

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Special, TV White (rare colour) with case:$CALL

Gibson Custom Shop R4, '54 Reissue Les Paul Gold Top with case:$CALL

Gibson Reverse V, limited run, with case:$1999.00

Gibson Reverse Explorer unplayed collector condition with original case and original shipping box:$Call

Gibson SG '61 Reissue with case:$1850.00 $1550.00

Larrivee Electric solid body with case:$699.00

Fender Tele with Hipshot B-Bender, soft shell case:$1299.00

Chapman Tele with gig bag:$799.00

Ibanez Gio mini:$135.00

Eko 290 with case:$599.00

Fender Strat, MX, no case:$530.00

PRS Mirax , USA, with case:$1100.00

Ibanez MTM2 with gig bag:$275.00

Ibanez RG350:$425.00

Epiphone ES-339 with case:$599.00

Godin 5th Ave. with case:$999.00

Gibson Firebird with case:$1700.00

Norman acoustic, late '70's, with case:$500.00

Hofner Western acoustic with case:$350.00

Series 10 Strat:$75.00

SS Stewart archtop, 1930's, with case:$1050.00

Jay Turser Strat:$275.00

Yamaha Nylon string, tuning machine needs repair:$99.00
Hokada Nylon String guitar:$199.00

Peavey Predator:$350.00

Yamaha FG312 12 string with case:$350.00 

Lucida Artista Flamenco guitar:$1000.00 $800.00

with hardshell case

Mitchell acoustic guitar, signed by ALABAMA:$450.00

Gibson 1946 L-7:$3499.00
Very good condition.  Comes with cardboard case, will need a new one.


Fender Modern Player Tele bass with gig bag:$599.00

Logical Rickenbacker style bass with case:$675.00

Ibanez Roadstar Bass: $400.00
with case

Charvel Bass: $500.00
with case

Fender Squire Jag Bass, with gig bag: $325.00
with gig bag

Coles G1 electric:$499.00
From the collection of Whitey Kirst

Fender Jazz fretless bass:$550.00
with gig bag

Epiphone Les Paul Slash - $599
Used condition, Slash model Les Paul, comes with hard shell case.

1978 Ibanez Iceman - $1150.00
Used condition, rare, comes with original hard shell case.

ESP LTD Deluxe - $749 + tax
VG condition, Evertune bridge system installed, does not come with case.

1962-1963 Ibanez Electric - $499 + tax
Good condition, early Ibanez model for the electric guitar, comes with original case.

Yamaha FG720S with case: $350.00

Our current amplifier inventory

Rivera Chubster 40 with cover and ftsw:$1500.00

1974 Fender Twin Reverb:$1399.00
Super clean, with ftsw and cover

Roadcase, fits Hot Rod Dlx:$290.00

Orange Dark Terror with bag and adaptor:$675.00

Supro Tremelectric with cover and ftsw from the collection of the late Kevin Herring:$2099.00

 Peavey Delta Blues:$480.00

Vox AC30, British (probably late '90's or early 2000):$1500.00

Crate Acoustic 125D:$250.00

Sunn Stage 212, 192:$450.00

Peavy Classic 30 with JBL, cover and ftsw:$500.00

Roland BC-60 Blues Cube 60 with ftsw:$575.00

Ampeg BA112 bass amp:$280.00

Vox AC15:$700.00

Fender Hot Rod Dlx with ftsw:$750.00 $599.00

Marshall 6101 1X12 Combo, 30th Anniversary:$1799.00

Peavey MircoBass:$110.00

Line 6 Duoverb Head:$370.00
with footswitch

Roland Super Cube 60:$475.00
with cover and manual

Galien Kruger GK400RB Head:$299.00

Acoustic 15" cab:$150.00

(2) Yorkville Bloc250B Bass head:$175.00

Carvin ProBass 300 head:$250.00

Carvin ProBass 500 head:$299.00

Ampeg Porta-Bass 250 with bag and ac cable:$399.00
Polytone 102 :$599.00 $450.00

with footswitch.  Amp recently serviced.

Trace Elliot 715 200w bass amp, made in the UK:$799.00

1962-1963 Gibson GA300 - $2,000 + tax  $1500.00
VG condition, rare '60s Gibson GA300 RVT ''Super 300", tuckaway head, 60 watts of tube power, comes with service papers .

Gibson Minute Man - $650 + tax
'66 - '68 era, comes with footswitch, reverb & tremolo.  All in working condition, newly serviced.



Our current inventory of pedals and effects on consignment.
For more information on a specific piece, give us a call at 403-255-5543 or email us at

Ibanez UE400 multi effects rack unit, vintage, missing ftsw:$450.00

Boss GS-10:$175.00

Boss GT-100 Multi effects unit:$450.00

DOD GS30 Floorboard multi effects unit:$75.00

Lexicon LXP-15 Rack unit:$100.00

Behringer Rack Tuner:$99.00

Ibanez Tube King:$199.00

(2) JD-F-2 rehoused fuzz face:140.00

Boss RC-3:$150.00

Roger Mayer Octavia:$225.00

Vintage '60's Jenn Wah: $350.00

Garagetone Axl Grease delay:$

Crunchbox Distortion:$130.00

Beat Buddy & Ftsw:$230.00

Boss MT2 Metal Zone:$80.00

Radial Tone Bone:$160.00

MXR Auto Q auto wah:$99.00

Morley Auto Wah, vintage:$120.00

Steroid stack overdrive crunch with incredible sustain and harmonics. - See more at:
Steroid stack overdrive crunch with incredible sustain and harmonics. - See more at: Freq Boost Vintage Treble Boost - $99 + taxDunlop MXR Auto Q - $139 + tax Morley Volume Pedal - $120 + tax