Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Guitar Shack Consignment Page

*We are in the process of moving during the month of May just across the street to a new shop.  We will not be updating the current inventory until we get settled into the new place in June.*
Current inventory of consignment electric and acoustic instruments. For more information on a specific piece, give us a call at 403-255-5543 or email us at info@guitarrepairshack.com.
We are located at 5340 1A St. SW, Calgary, Alberta
You can visit our main website at: www.guitarrepairshack.com

1959 Fender Stratocaster with original case:  SOLD
This is an all original instrument in very good condition.  Letter from family.  Recently appraised by Gruhn's.

Gibson Reverse Flying V.  One of 300.  Collectible.  Unplayed:$Call
With original hardshell case 

Gibson Reverse Explorer.  NOS, (new old stock) in original shipping box:$Call
With original hardshell case

Ovation Nylon String:$Call

Vega Style N 1927 Tenor Banjo:$695.00
Comes with chipboard case
Pic coming soon

Martin OMJM John Mayer Signature:$5300.00
Comes with original case

Martin D12-28, 1986:$1599.00 HOLD
With original case

Fender 1962 Jazz Bass with case:$Call

Beltone Bass VI:$2400.00
Original family.  Owner thinks 1950's Japanese made.  Rare.  Comes with gig bag.

'97 EDS1275 Gibson Double Neck:$CALL
With original case. 

1960 Gibson Les Paul Special:$CALL
With original alligator case, hang tags, Gruhn's receipt.  Professionally re-fretted by Gruhn's repair shop. 

Guild D-25 NT:$1100.00
Comes with pickup system and gig bag

Gibson Les Paul Traditional:$Call
2015 Anniversary.  Comes with original gold rectangular case

Ibanez MTM2:$275.00
Comes with gig bag
Schector 8 string Hellraiser:$625.00
Comes with gig bag

Yamaha 12 String FG312:$350.00
Comes with case
Godin 5th Ave:$999.00
Factory Bigsby.  Comes with case.
Stewart SS Archtop:$1050.00
1930's.  Comes with case.

Late '70's, comes with case.
Hofner Western:$350.00
Comes with case.

Gibson Les Paul Jr. Special:$950.00 
Comes with gig bag

Godin LG:$450.00
Comes with case

Twisted Wood Weissenborn with pickup system:$750.00
With gig bag

PRS Mira X:$1100.00
2003, USA made, comes with rectangular hardshell case.  Extremely lightweight.  

Gibson Les Paul 100th Anniversary double cut:$975.00 $800.00
With gig bag

1918 Style A Gibson Mandolin, Lefty:$1999.00
Comes with Gator case.  Plays and sounds great.  Was converted to left-handed by the owner but can be changed back to right -handed if desired.  Original case available.  


GL ASAT with case:$1200.00
Vintage,"By Leo Fender" on headstock

Lucida Artista Flamenco guitar:$900.00
with hardshell case.  Professionally set up with new strings.

Mele Uke:$499.00
Solid Koa wood, made in Hawaii

Dean Telecaster:$200.00

Mitchell acoustic guitar, signed by ALABAMA:$450.00

Gibson 1946 L-7:$3499.00
Very good condition.  Comes with cardboard case, will need a new one.


Ibanez Roadstar Bass: $400.00
with case

Charvel Bass: $500.00
with case

Logical Bass:$675.00

Fender Squire Jag Bass: $325.00
with gig bag

Coles G1 electric:$499.00
From the collection of Whitey Kirst

Spector Rebop 4 with hard shell coffin case:$1499.00

Gibson ES-335TDW with hardshell case:$2599.00
Early '70's.  Players guitar, lots of vibe.

Rare 1955 Gibson L5 CES with original case: $CALL
Very good condition.  Alnico V P-90's.

Fender Jazz fretless bass:$550.00
with gig bag


Epiphone Les Paul Slash - $600 + tax
Used condition, Slash model Les Paul, EMG pickups, comes with hard shell case.

1978 Ibanez Iceman - $1,299  1150.00
Used condition, rare, comes with original hard shell case.

ESP LTD Deluxe - $749 + tax
VG condition, Evertune bridge system installed, does not come with case.

1962-1963 Ibanez Electric - $499 + tax
Good condition, first Ibanez model for the electric guitar, comes with original case.

Yamaha FG7200S: $350.00

***SOLD***1953 Martin D28 - $11,999 + tax
VG condition, this is one of the most sought after post-war Martins. Has light wear for its age, there is a crack that has been repaired on the soundboard and it appears that the bridge has been reglued in its lifetime but the reglue is very well done. Brazilian rosewood back and sides, case seems to be original or at least from the '50s.

Our current amplifier/pedal inventory

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe:$750.00
With footswitch and cover

Vox AC30, 1960's:$3999.00
Comes with footswitch.

Supro Tremolectric, USA s/n 58:$2000.00

Roadcase for a Fender Hot Rod Dlx:$290.00
Fender 1270 pair of monitors:$275.00

Yamaha THR10X Amp modeler:$199.00
With adaptor for power

Mesa Boogie Venture, 2X12:$999.00

Randall RD5H Head:$299.00

Carvin ProBass 300 Head:$250.00 

Carvin ProBass 500 Head:$299.00

Ampeg Porta-Bass 250:$399.00
Comes with bag

2 Yorkville 8X8 Cabs:$450.00 each
2 Yorkville Bloc 250B Bass Head:$175.00 each

Vox AC-15:$700.00 

Marshall 6101 30th Anniversary:$1799.00
1X12, 100W, footswitch, fully serviced

Peavey Valve King VK112:$350.00

Peavey Classic 30 with JBL speaker upgrade:$500.00
Comes with footswitch and cover

Yorkville Bassmaster XM200T, 2X10 Bass Amp:$399.00
Elk Head, Japanese, As is, no tubes, late '60's:$200.00

Fender Twin, 1976:$1100.00 

Fender Supersonic Head-Blonde:$899.00
22W, with cover and footswitch

Fender Twin Cab, 2X12 with Patriot Speakers:$300.00

Line 6 Duoverb Head:$370.00
with footswitch

Roland Super Cube 60:$475.00
with cover and manual

Galien Kruger GK400RB Head:$299.00

Acoustic 15" cab:$150.00

Polytone 102 :$599.00 $450.00

with footswitch.  Amp recently serviced.

Trace Elliot 715 200w bass amp, made in the UK:$799.00

1962-1963 Gibson GA300 - $2,000 + tax  $1500.00 $1350.00

VG condition, rare '60s Gibson GA300 RVT ''Super 300", tuckaway head, 60 watts of tube power, comes with service papers .

Gibson Minute Man - $650 + tax
'66 - '68 era, comes with footswitch, reverb & tremolo.  All in working condition, newly serviced.



Our current inventory of pedals and effects on consignment.
For more information on a specific piece, give us a call at 403-255-5543 or email us at info@guitarrepairshack.com.

Tech 21 Wah, Killer Wail:$75.00

Electroharmonix Big Muff:$80.00

Behringer Rack Tuner:$99.00

Behringer mini mixer:$30.00

Zoom 505 effects pedal:$20.00

Boss AW-2:$75.00

Boss Turbo Distortion DS2:$60.00

Roger Mayer Octavia:$225.00

Boss FZ-5 fuzz:$85.00

TC Harmonizer with adaptor:$260.00

Boss GT-100 Multi effects unit: $450.00
Very good condition

Neve N6 Power Supply:$599.00

Crybaby Wah:$75.00

Vintage '60's Jenn Wah: $350.00

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah:$200.00 $189.00

Vox Ice 9 Overdrive: $90.00 $80.00
Model JS-OD.  Nice shape.

Marshall Reflector RF-1 - $55 + tax
Six reverbs add diffuse trails to your playing without ever swallowing your tone, including time, damping, and level, offering effects that range from a spacious hall to the sound of a studio plate via the beating of a vintage spring.

Steroid stack overdrive crunch with incredible sustain and harmonics. - See more at: http://www.bigjoestompboxcompany.com/products/hardtube#sthash.EsXtFoN7.dpuf
Steroid stack overdrive crunch with incredible sustain and harmonics. - See more at: http://www.bigjoestompboxcompany.com/products/hardtube#sthash.EsXtFoN7.dpuf
Bad Cat X-Treme Tone  -

Used.  This pedal provides two distinct gain modes: half-boost and full-boost. Punch on the half-boost when you want some warm, edgy crunch. Then when it's time for the tune to scream, kick it into Stage 2 to thicken the overdrive gain.

BBE Freq Boost Vintage Treble Boost - $99 + tax
Like new.  The Freq Boost is patterned after a rare Treble Booster of the mid-'60s that gave many famous players the ability to add sustain, fatten and overdrive their favorite guitar amplifier.

Dunlop MXR Auto Q - $139 + tax 
Like new.  Funkify your sound, volume, decay, "Q," and range control. Tough housing, glow-in-the-dark markings.

Morley Volume Pedal - $120 + tax
Used condition, vintage Morley volume pedal.

Our current inventory of consignment amps.  For more information on a specific piece, give us a call at 403-255-5543 or email us at info@guitarrepairshack.com