Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Guitar Shack Consignments

Calgary's last all musical instrument consignment shop.  Guitar Shack's current inventory of consignment stringed instruments, amps, pedals and more!
For more information on a specific piece, give us a call at 403-255-5543 or email us at info@guitarrepairshack.com
Our address is: 5340 1A St. SW, 2nd floor, Calgary, AB.
We are open Mon-Wed from 10am-3pm, Thurs-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 12-5pm,  Sunday Closed. Closed Stat Holidays.

1963 Fender Stratocaster: $12,000
Comes with original case.  Professionally refinished by Gord Miller.  

Dangelico EXL-1 with hardshell case:$1299.00

Fender Villager 12 string guitar, late '60's with Fender soundhole pickup and hardshell case:$1299.00

Takamine F-375S D-35 copy late '70's Japanese made guitar with Brazilian Rosewood laminate back and sides, Martin hardshell case:$499.00

Martin D-35 with custom white Calton case: $5200.00

Gibson Les Paul Professional with original hard case.  Circa 1969: $2990.00

1970 Martin D-18S with custom white Calton case: $4250.00 
Aftermarket pickup 

Taylor 210ce with Taylor hardshell case:$999.00

Yamaha FG730S with case:$475.00

Stonebridge G22-CR with Hiscox case: $1875.00

Yamaha AES 620 Charcoal: $699.00

Kingston 12 String electric, 1960's: $675.00

Steinberger headless bass with case: $399.00

Ibanez GSR200 with gig bag:$199.00

Ministar Texas Longhorn style bass with gig bag:$430.00

Steinberger style headless bass with gig bag:$350.00

Gothic style bass with Seymour Duncan pickups and case:$599.00

Pre-style bass:$299.00

Stewart Wondertone with soft case:$599.00

Gibson Songwriter Deluxe with case:$3200.00
Comes with Fishman Ellipse Aura pickup system.

Fender Custom Shop Strat, Sage Green Relic with orginal grey tweed hard case:$3499.00

Taylor 616CE with original case:$3500.00

Danelectro DC-3 Blue Sparkle with gig bag, upgraded bridge pickup:$575.00

Rickenbacker 330 Jetglo with upgraded toaster pickups:$2300.00
Original hardshellcase

Martin OOO-28 Custom 12 fret:$7500.00
With original case

Martin Authentic D-28 with 1941 specs:$9999.00
With original case

Gibson J-150:$3000.00
With original case

Fender 2015 Redwood Tele:$3200.00
With original case

Fake Rickenbacker bass:$850.00
With hardshell case

Will Hamm Custom M-1 Mandolin:$2800.00 $2599.00
                                                          With handmade wooden case

Peavey T-40 Bass:$850.00
With hardshell case

Art and Lutherie Acoustic with gig bag:$325.00

Epiphone Joe Pass:$730.00 $550.00

With hardshell case

Fender GA45SCE Lefty:$800.00
With case

Fender Jaguar '65 Reissue, USA, AVRI series, 2013 with original case and tags:$2999.00

 Ibanez SDGR 4 string bass with gig bag:$550.00

 Taylor GCE 12 fret with original case:$3899.00

Gretsch White Falcon with original case, 2013:$3999.00

Gretsch 1962 G6119 Tennessean with case:$3850.00

Gibson Custom Shop Non-reverse Frost Blue Firebird with original case:$4195.00

Gibson Les Paul with E-Tune system, original case:$1075.00

Hofner Clubman Bass with violin finish, hardshell case:$1825.00

Traben Phoenix 5 String Bass with gig bag:$725.00

Gibson Southern Jumbo Sheryl Crow with case.  Consigned by country artist George Canyon:$3750.00

Vega Style N 1927 Banjo with case:$695.00

Twisted Wood Weissonborn with gig bag:$750.00

Fender Duo-Sonic guitar with Lace pickups, bridge and tuning machines upgraded:$850.00

Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck, 1997, with case:$4800.00

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Special, TV White (rare colour) with case:$3500.00

Gibson Custom Shop R4, '54 Reissue Les Paul Gold Top with case:$4499.00 $4150.00

Eko 290 with case:$599.00

Fender Strat, MX, active pickups, no case:$530.00

Ibanez MTM2 with gig bag:$275.00

Ibanez RG350:$425.00

SS Stewart archtop, 1930's, with case:$1050.00 $899.00

Jay Turser Strat:$275.00

Hokada Nylon String guitar:$199.00

Mitchell acoustic guitar, signed by ALABAMA:$450.00

Fender Modern Player Tele bass with gig bag:$599.00

Charvel Bass: $500.00
with case

Fender Squire Jag Bass, with gig bag: $325.00
with gig bag

Coles G1 electric:$499.00
From the collection of Whitey Kirst

Epiphone Les Paul Slash - $599 

Used condition, Slash model Les Paul, comes with hard shell case.

Our current amplifier inventory

Garnet PA90 Rebel PA head, late 1960's:$500.00

Traynor YVM-1 Head, early 1970's:$500.00

Fender 1964 Bandmaster Head: $1050.00

Music Man HD150 Bass Head, early 1970's: $475.00

Music Man HD150 Bass Head, early 1970's: $475.00

VHT 1X12 8ohm cab:$500.00

Roland JC-120, '70's:$1199.00

Ibanez vintage 1964 Model 6270

Peavey Max110 Bass Amp:$199.00

Fender Vibrolux "Custom", 2X10 with Ftsw, 1990, (USA made):$950.00

Garnet Rebel Head and Cab 2X15, late '60's, signed by Gar in 2004:$1000.00

Fender Showman, mid 1960's with 15" cab:$2499.00

Traynor TC208NEO 2X12 Bass cab:$399.00

Roadcase, fits Hot Rod Dlx:$290.00

Supro Tremelectric with cover and ftsw from the collection of the late Kevin Herring:$2099.00

Crate Acoustic 125D:$250.00

Sunn Stage 212, 192:$450.00

Roland BC-60 Blues Cube 60 with ftsw:$575.00

Ampeg BA112 bass amp:$280.00

Marshall 6101 1X12 Combo, 30th Anniversary:$1799.00

Peavey MircoBass:$110.00

Line 6 Duoverb Head:$370.00
with footswitch

Roland Super Cube 60:$475.00
with cover and manual

Galien Kruger GK400RB Head:$299.00

Ampeg SVT, early 1960's, recently serviced:$2200

Acoustic 15" cab:$150.00

(2) Yorkville Bloc250B Bass head:$175.00 $150.00

Carvin ProBass 300 head:$250.00 $225.00

Carvin ProBass 500 head:$299.00 $250.00

Ampeg Porta-Bass 250 with bag and ac cable:$399.00 $250.00
Polytone 102 :$599.00 $450.00

with footswitch.  Amp recently serviced.

Trace Elliot 715 200w bass amp, made in the UK:$799.00

1962-1963 Gibson GA300 - $2,000 + tax  $1500.00
VG condition, rare '60s Gibson GA300 RVT ''Super 300", tuckaway head, 60 watts of tube power, comes with service papers .

Gibson Minute Man - $650 + tax
'66 - '68 era, comes with footswitch, reverb & tremolo.  All in working condition, recently serviced.



Our current inventory of pedals and effects on consignment.
For more information on a specific piece, give us a call at 403-255-5543 or email us at info@guitarrepairshack.com.

EBS UniChorus:$140.00 

Ibanez UE400 multi effects rack unit, vintage, missing ftsw:$450.00

Boss GS-10:$175.00 

Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive:$

Boss GT-100 Multi effects unit:$450.00

DOD GS30 Floorboard multi effects unit:$75.00

Lexicon LXP-15 Rack unit:$100.00

Roger Mayer Octavia:$225.00

Boss MT2 Metal Zone:$80.00

MXR Auto Q auto wah:$99.00

Morley Auto Wah, vintage:$120.00

Steroid stack overdrive crunch with incredible sustain and harmonics. - See more at: http://www.bigjoestompboxcompany.com/products/hardtube#sthash.EsXtFoN7.dpuf
Steroid stack overdrive crunch with incredible sustain and harmonics. - See more at: http://www.bigjoestompboxcompany.com/products/hardtube#sthash.EsXtFoN7.dpuBBE Freq Boost Vintage Treble Boost - $99 + taxDunlop MXR Auto Q - $139 + tax Morley Volume Pedal - $120 + tax