Sunday, October 01, 2006

Another shot of the shop. Posted by Picasa

During the day, I work as the head of the repair department at a music store in Calgary. Our shop sees anywhere from 20 to 50 stringed instruments a week that need everything from a setup to a broken headstock repaired. Posted by Picasa

Closeup of back Posted by Picasa

Body closeup Posted by Picasa

My luthier friend, Dave holding the guitar for a picture. Posted by Picasa

Dreadnought custom in case Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Here's a Dreadnought that I finished this Spring. It's modeled after a Martin HD-35 but with some more special appointments. It has a slotted headstock and a lighthouse inlay on the fretboard.  Posted by Picasa


My life is full of guitars. Every day I go to work and repair them. I work in a store that sells them. On the weekends and when I find time, I build them. No, I'm certainly not complaining- I love guitars. Sometimes I go to bed thinking of a new design to try, or one that I'm already in process working on. Today I was thinking about guitars again, funny thing. I thought, "why don't I start a web blog that documents some of the guitar building projects that I'm working on?". it is. You can expect to find a lot of pictures with some brief notes and that's about it. Don't worry about commenting, just enjoy the pics. That's all for now!