Saturday, October 20, 2007

Guitar Care Presentation

This weekend I had to opportunity to share a presentation on Guitar Care with fellow luthier, Julian Tubb. The venue where we gave our presentation was at a guitar players club in Red Deer, Alberta called Guitar Church which is run by my friend Tom Cameron. He had invited Julian and I to come out and speak. Julian Tubb has been building for eleven years and has a history in cabinet making among other things. He is a very well-rounded luthier, building steel string, resonator and archtop guitars all by hand. He builds very nice instruments and has a customer base that is Canadian and American. We had a fun time tag-teaming and speaking on caring for your instrument. Please take the time to visit Julian's website, which is listed on my favorite links on the right of this blog page. Also, visit the Guitar Church site. Guitar Church offers instruction in many aspects for guitar playing. Jamming sessions are a part of every event, and Tom brings in special guests from all over North America. Last time I was there I caught Doug Doppler, who was mentored by Joe Satriani earlier in his career and now holds his own quite well.
I'm hunkering down for the upcoming Christmas frenzy which comes upon all of us who work in the retail world. Have a happy American Thanksgiving!